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Joao Baptista Dos Santos

Black Seal Instructor

Angela DeVoe.jpg

Angela DeVoe

Plumbing Year I Instructor

Teresa Diaz - Bartles - Animation   Comm

Teresa Diaz

Drawing & Painting and Watercolor Instructor

Mary Eyles - Adult Ed - CNA Instructor.j

Dr. Mary Eyles

Certified Nurse Aide Instructor

Elizabeth Gallagher - Central - Adult Co

Elizabeth Gallagher

Cosmetology Instructor

John Garripoli.jpg

John Garripoli

Plumbing Year IV Instructor

Natalie Guarino - Bartles - Childcare Tc

Natalie Guarino

Child Care Instructor

Chris Harley.jpg

Chris Harley

Welding (Advanced) Instructor


Stephen Harris

DSLR & iPhone Photography Instructor


Joan Baroczi

Adult Education Assistant

Kristy Matarazzo.jpg

Kristy Matarazzo

Veterinary Assistant Instructor


Charlie McDaniel

Heavy Equipment Operator Year I Instructor


Ken Paternoster

Intro to Welding Instructor

William Peterson.JPG

William Peterson

Electrical Year III Instructor

Dan Dillon.jpg

Dan Dillon

Plumbing Year II Instructor


Glenn Plesnarski

Advanced NJ Public Wastewater Instructor

Jill Plesnarski.jpg

Jill Plesnarski

Water/Wastewater (Intro & Advanced Wastewater Treatment) Instructor

Mark Pownall.jpg

Mark Pownall

Electrical Year I Instructor

Charlie Puglia.jpg

Charlie Puglia

Electrical Year IV Instructor


Jesse Rivera

Guitar Instructor

Paul Renaldo.jpg

Paul Renaldo

Upholstery Instructor


Christina Shockley

Adult Education Coordinator

Fred Stettler.jpg

Fred Stettler

Plumbing Year III Instructor

Chuck Toye - Central - Auto Services.jpg

Chuck Toye

Basic Automotive Instructor

school pic.jpg

Tim Wittemann

Electrical Year II Instructor


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